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Stuffed Mushrooms LUDVIK
Mushroom cap stuffed with a shrimp and crabmeat filling topped with fresh Parmesan cheese. Broiled and served with a delicate fresh basil sauce.
$8/3 caps
$16/6 caps

Tender snails served with our own delightful fresh herb garlic butter and topped with puff pastry.
$8/3 snails
$16/6 snails

Oysters Rockefeller
Oysters on the half shell filled with a creamy spinach and cheese stuffing (allow ten minutes).
$8/3 oysters
$16/6 oysters

SOUP & SALADS - we proudly serve locally grown produce whenever we can.

Soup du Jour
with entree $5
A la carte $9

House Salad with House Dressing
with entree $5
A la carte $7

Spring mix with Speck spring mix salad served with speck, orange wedges, gorgonzola and an orange walnut vinaigrette.
with entree $7
A la carte $9
with Chicken Breast add $6

Prague Beet Salad beets seasoned with house dressing and sprinkled with feta cheese.
with entree $7
A la carte $9

Items and prices subject to change without notice